Pastoral Christian Counseling


We are dedicated to helping hurting people and addressing the wide variety of needs of our local congregation.


In life everyone will go through different challenges. No matter what you are walking through, the Lakewood Care ministry wants to encourage and help you on your journey.

  • Are you struggling with depression?
  • Do you want to talk to a biblical counselor?
  • Are you having trouble getting over a divorce?
  • Have you lost a loved one?
  • Are you struggling with an addiction?
  • Do you have a child with special needs?

Our Pastoral Christian Counselors offer bible guidance, based on biblical scriptures, and have an average of 15 years experience providing biblical counseling world-wide.

All sessions are completely private and confidential.

We offer support for you, privately, confidentially via 3 formats:

Email Support

Send us an email, our Pastoral Counselors will provide support via email within 24 hours.

2 Emails per Week (8 per month) Counseling Fee: $150 per month (non-recurring)


Text-Based Chat Support

Prefer to chat live with our Pastoral Counselors? Available Monday through Saturday 10AM to 8 PM Pacific Time.

30 Minute Text Pastoral Counseling Session Fee $65 per session

Phone Support

If you would rather schedule to speak with our Pastoral Counselors, we are available Monday through Thursday Noon to 8 PM Pacific Time for 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes by telephone. (Appointment is required).

At this time we do not accept insurance. Your donation continues to support our ministry.

30 Minute Phone Pastoral Counseling Fee $195 per session
30 Minute Phone Pastoral Counseling Session Fee $195 per session

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